About Greater Niagara Interiors

Who we are.

  G.N.I. is a General Contracting company established in 1998. We are invovled in every aspect of building construction and renovations. We provide skilled subtrades in all areas of construction. We also provide design consultation when costumers can't decide how to go about their projects. Greater Niagara Interiors is able to handle any size job no matter how large or small.

Our Goal.                                                                                    

 Greater Niagara Interiors' goal is to provide our clients with a one stop company. We are able to provide sevices in any area of the building, construction and renovations. We provide the highest quality workmanship available. G.N.I. can also provide the greatest costumer satisfaction that money can buy, when each project is completed.

Our Concept.

  Our concept is simple, it is to provide the custumer with quality work and services so that business can repeat. Our company grows every day thanks to repeat business.

Our Market.

G.N.I. market to consumers and companies, who are looking for contractor they can depend on to handle any size project on a timely basis, with out headaches and stess to the costumer.

Our opportunity.

One of the Problems of today is being able to find a company that can handle a job of any size or type. We saw the opportunity to introduce Greater Niagara Interiors as the onestop contracting company for all of your construction needs.

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